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MUA: Alex Benitez | Photographer: Jillian Sara

Mai Vee Vang

Mai Vee Vang is a model, actress, creative director, and producer. She is Hmong and was born in a Thailand refugee camp. She moved to America at an early age with her family so is she able to speak Hmong and English fluently. She began her modeling career in 2011 by joining a local talent workshop and from there she participated in local fashion shows and worked as a freelance model. She was recently featured in a spread for Surreal Magazine. Her motto is, “Look fabulous, feel fabulous, be fabulous,” because she strongly believes that to be an amazing model you have to feel fabulous to look fabulous. Being amazing starts from feeling amazing; you have to be kind and beautiful from the inside to project it on the outside. So to Mai Vee, being an amazing model is a lifestyle not an on set persona. As a professional model she hopes to inspire and enforce a community that is built on positivity and self love.

“Until one person truly love their-self will they have enough love to go around. When they are strong enough to love their self and others they are strong enough to chase their passion, from there it is a domino effect that will build a strong, supportive, and positive community”